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Sedation Dentistry
in Surprise, AZ

Dr. Fraiman works hard to make sure every patient is as comfortable as possible. However, some patients need a little extra help battling nerves before getting dental work done. For those patients, Dr. Fraiman offers oral sedation in the form of a pill. The mild sedative puts patients into a twilight state, allowing them to relax and forget about the work being done until it’s over.


How long will I be out if I use oral sedation?

Different patients respond to the medication differently. One pill is enough to put a patient under for the length of their procedure, but some patients will benefit from a short nap at home after they leave the office. It’s best to arrange for a ride home if using oral sedation.

What other options are there?

Dr. Fraiman also offers nitrous oxide, when necessary. This mild sedative helps relax patients without putting them under, and it wears off quickly after the appointment is over.