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Dr. Perry Fraiman is a prosthodontist with a specialty in fabricating custom dentures that give patients the most natural look and best fit possible. Prosthodontia is the only specialty recognized by the American Dental Association that includes fabrication of dentures.

Dr. Fraiman uses this expertise, coupled with the highest-quality materials and most advanced processes available to make sure his patients’ dentures look good, function well, and last as long as possible.

Dr. Fraiman believes that dentures are not one size fits all—everybody’s smile is unique, and everybody’s dentures should be unique too. He also wants his patients to know dentures don’t have to be uncomfortable, and nobody has to know you’re wearing them. This is why Dr. Fraiman custom-makes and designs each set individually.

When designing his patients’ dentures, he makes their input an integral part of the process. He does multiple try-ins to make sure people are happy with their results, so at no point will one of his patients get a pair of dentures they haven’t approved and helped design personally.


Common Questions about Dentures

How do I know if I need dentures?

Dentures are the most economical way to replace all of a person’s teeth and to redesign their entire smile at one time. This is usually necessary when people have lost all their teeth for various reasons, including trauma, having many cavities, or in cases where periodontal or gum disease results in bone loss and the loss of their teeth. Depending on a person’s situation, there might be other options available. However, if someone wants the most economical treatment, dentures are often the best choice.

What is the process for getting dentures?

In Dr. Fraiman’s practice, every denture is custom-made. This usually involves two visits for taking impressions, and the entire process usually takes about five visits. This process may be longer than you’ll find at other offices, but Dr. Fraiman dedicates extra time to get a design that fits well, works well, and has the most cosmetic, natural-looking aesthetics possible. Because Dr. Fraiman wants to make sure his patients love the design of their dentures, there is no limit to the number of try-ins that he will do.

Once the dentures are made, patients return for about two minor adjustments to get them fitting just right. All adjustments are included in the fee patients pay, no matter how minor the changes are or how many adjustments are needed.

If a patient still has natural teeth, Dr. Fraiman will make their dentures before they’re extracted, so they can be placed immediately after teeth are pulled.

Are all dentures the same?

Dentures can be made with different materials, and you will get the best results from higher-quality dentures. Dr. Fraiman uses only the same material he would put in his own mouth, so he predominantly uses a layered composite material called IPN (or Interpenetrating Polymer Network), which has the greatest wear resistance and best aesthetics.

Dr. Fraiman fabricates all denture bases (that is the pink part that rests on the gums) under heat and pressure, so the material is much harder and more dense than run-of-the-mill dentures, which makes them more resistant to fractures. Denture teeth can come in multiple materials and multiple price points, but Dr. Fraiman only uses the highest quality materials to make denture teeth.

Every patient has different needs depending on their aesthetic concerns, what their diet consists of, and what their supporting bone looks like. So Dr. Fraiman custom-designs every single denture, including the size, shape, color, and material of the tooth. It is possible to get dentures for less money, but if you want them to look like your natural teeth or how you wish your teeth looked, it takes more time, money, and expertise.

What is the recovery like?

Dentures might take some getting used to, since they rest on your gums, as opposed to natural teeth, which are anchored in your bone. However, people can eat that same day after getting new dentures.

Are dentures comfortable to wear?

Dr. Fraiman emphasizes that dentures don’t have to be uncomfortable. Once they learn how to wear and take care of them, most patients say putting on dentures is as easy as putting on socks.

Are there limitations on what you can eat with dentures?

Everybody is a little bit different, but it is common to have difficulty chewing sticky foods. For people who want a tighter fit, Dr. Fraiman offers the ability to use dental implants to stabilize the dentures. And if a patient decides to go with dental implants down the road, it’s usually possible to add them to existing dentures without having to start over from scratch.

What is ongoing care like?

Dr. Fraiman recommends that patients come in once a year for an exam and oral cancer screening, and to have their dentures cleaned and polished to make them look fresh and new. Dentures should be realigned about every three years because people’s gums and bone change during that time.

Are dentures permanent?

The average life expectancy of dentures varies, but you can expect them to last about 7 to 10 years, assuming you follow up with your doctor regularly, get the dentures realigned, and follow instructions for taking care of them.

Are dentures covered by insurance?

Insurance varies from plan to plan, but most people’s insurance covers a portion of their dentures. Dr. Fraiman’s office will help you determine the level of coverage your insurance plan offers.

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