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Teeth Whitening
Fraiman Prosthodontics - Surprise, AZ

Dr. Fraiman finds joy in helping create smiles that his patients are confident in, and teeth whitening is a very common cosmetic treatment that yields nearly instant results. He loves seeing his patients’ faces when they see their whitened smile for the first time after treatment. As part of Dr. Fraiman’s extensive training in rehabilitations and cosmetic dental makeovers, he is specially qualified to give patients safe, high-quality teeth whitening in the office as well as create custom take-home trays.

Common Questions about Teeth Whitening

What kind of teeth whitening services does Dr. Fraiman offer?

At Fraiman Prosthodontics, we offer both an in-office teeth whitening service as well as custom take-home teeth whitening trays. The in-office whitening uses a gel-like material on the teeth that is activated by ultraviolet light. The take-home trays are custom-built based on 3D scans of the mouth. Both treatments are very safe, easy, and effective. They remove all surface stains on teeth, including those from coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, etc.

Which teeth whitening method works best?

Both our in-office teeth whitening treatment and custom at-home whitening trays are highly effective. Some patients opt for the more economical option of take-home trays, while others prefer the ease and instant results from choosing in-office treatment. Dr. Fraiman will typically recommend the in-office whitening service, as he finds that many patients get busy or forget to use the take-home product for as long as necessary to enjoy its full benefits. With a one-time in-office teeth whitening treatment, there’s no need to worry about following instructions or remembering to whiten at home.

How long does it take to whiten teeth in the office?

Typically, our in-office teeth whitening service is done within an hour and a half. The treatment will be administered two to four times within that single session, with each treatment lasting about 20 minutes. We will give as many treatments as needed during your session—at no additional cost—to achieve your desired results. We will also provide you with a custom take-home tray after your in-office visit so you’re able to do touch-ups at home.

How are at-home whitening trays customized?

To create custom take-home teeth whitening trays, we take a 3D scan of the mouth and create a 3D model. This model is used to create the fully customized teeth whitening trays—made just for you to fit only your mouth. Unlike whitening strips you can buy at a pharmacy, these trays fully cover all of your teeth, and they’re made with only the highest-quality materials, which won’t harm the teeth or gums.

Why should I visit a prosthodontist for teeth whitening?

It’s very important for patients to visit a dental professional—not a spa or kiosk, for example—for teeth whitening services. Specialists such as Dr. Fraiman take great care to identify the needs of the individual teeth, giving certain ones more attention if needed. Often, certain teeth will need more or less whitening, as some teeth are naturally thicker or darker, and Dr. Fraiman may do a special cycle of whitening just on those teeth. In addition, teeth tend to discolor more after a root canal. Dr. Fraiman knows all of these factors and has seen it all in his years of specialized training—he is able to take special care that your teeth are whitened in the most effective way, with consistency throughout the smile, and also ensure the gums are protected.

Can teeth whitening damage gums?

The purpose of teeth whitening is cosmetic in nature—it should not cause any harm. While there are lots of different types of whitening services and products out there, at Fraiman Prosthodontics we use only the highest-quality materials that will not harm your teeth or gums. Both our in-office whitening service and custom take-home trays are safe and effective options for patients looking to have whiter smiles.

Can anyone get their teeth whitened?

Not everyone is a good candidate for teeth whitening. For example, porcelain crowns and teeth-colored fillings in the mouth will not change color. If a patient has a lot of these or they are located in the front of the mouth, he or she might not be a good candidate for teeth whitening. Dr. Fraiman encourages everyone to have a conversation with their dental professional before starting any whitening treatment, whether it’s in-office or at-home. If you’re hoping to have teeth whitening done but are unsure if you’re a good candidate, call our office. Dr. Fraiman will help walk you through your options to achieve your ideal smile.

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